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Top MBA Scholarship Programs

What Are The Top MBA Scholarship Programs Available In US ?

Top MBA Scholarship Programs: Getting an MBA can be expensive, with costs over $250,000 for two years at top US schools. But, there are many scholarships to help cover the cost. These scholarships come from national groups, schools, and private sources.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many scholarships for MBA students in the US, including national, school-specific, and private ones.
  • National scholarships include the Military MBA Merit Scholarship, Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships, and the National Black MBA Association Scholarships.
  • College-specific scholarships and negotiation tips can help students get more financial aid.
  • Private scholarships from organizations and foundations can also fund business school.
  • Knowing about scholarships at top MBA programs and looking at international options can help students find the best funding.

National Sources of MBA Scholarships

There are many national scholarship programs for MBA students. These programs help military veterans, active-duty members, and minorities pay for their graduate business education. They offer a big chance to get financial support.

Military MBA Merit Scholarship

The Military MBA Merit Scholarship helps veterans and active U.S. military members who live in the U.S. It can be used at one of 27 partner schools across the country. The amount of the scholarship varies. You need a bachelor’s degree, a military service record, and leadership experience to apply. This scholarship is not for those already in or who have finished an MBA program.

Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships

The Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship is for first-year MBA students wanting a summer job at Goldman Sachs. It’s for those interested in investment banking or private wealth management. Winners get $35,000 plus a summer job salary. After the internship and a full-time job offer, they get an extra $40,000 and might get a signing bonus.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program covers up to three years of study at Stanford University. To apply, you must submit an MBA application to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and a separate Knight-Hennessy Scholarship application. You can find instructions on the program’s website.

National Black MBA Association Scholarships

The National Black MBA Association gives MBA scholarships to U.S. citizen members. These scholarships are for students at a partner university. The criteria, deadlines, and amounts vary.

Scholarship Program Eligibility Award
Military MBA Merit Scholarship U.S. military veterans and active members who are U.S. residents Varies by partner school
Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships First-year MBA students interested in investment banking or private wealth management $35,000 plus summer associate salary, with potential for additional $40,000 and signing bonus
Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University Applicants to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Full funding for up to three years of graduate study
National Black MBA Association Scholarships U.S. citizen members of the National Black MBA Association Varies by partner university

These national MBA scholarships offer great financial help and recognition. They support military personnel, minorities, and top students. Using these scholarships can make getting an MBA much more affordable.

College-Specific MBA Scholarships

college-specific MBA scholarships

Many MBA students look for national scholarships, but college-specific ones can be even better. Schools like the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School offer special scholarships. These are for top students and are designed to bring in the best talent.

These scholarships, fellowships, and stipends are given out for many reasons. They look at your grades, leadership skills, diversity, and what you want to study. Some are even for certain groups like alumni, women, or international students.

Tips for Negotiating and Maximizing Scholarships

Getting a college-specific MBA scholarship can really help. But, getting and negotiating these scholarships is tough. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Look into the scholarships your schools offer and make your application fit.
  2. Show off what makes you special, your big wins, and how you’ll add value to the program.
  3. Use your GMAT score, work history, and other strengths to negotiate for more.
  4. Be ready to give more info or documents to back up your scholarship request.
  5. If you get more than one offer, don’t hesitate to ask for a better deal.

«Negotiating scholarship offers can be a delicate process, but it’s essential to ensure you’re getting the best possible financial support for your MBA journey.»

By being proactive and strategic with college-specific MBA scholarships, you can greatly increase your chances of getting the funding you need. This will help you reach your goals in school and your career.

Smaller MBA Scholarships

smaller MBA scholarships

While big national and college MBA scholarships get a lot of attention, don’t forget about smaller ones. These can be very valuable. They often come from individual departments in a business school.

Many MBA programs give out merit-based scholarships to students with top grades and a strong GMAT or GRE score. These merit scholarships go to students who show great leadership, help their communities, or have other special qualities.

Some schools also offer fellowships for students from certain demographic groups. This includes women, minorities, or international students. These private scholarships can greatly reduce the cost of an MBA program.

Students should look into the smaller MBA scholarships offered by different departments in their business schools. Doing your homework can lead you to funding opportunities that aren’t well-known.

By exploring these smaller MBA scholarships, students can increase their chances of getting the financial help they need. This can help them achieve their education goals.

Top MBA Scholarship Programs

top MBA scholarship programs

Financing an MBA degree can be tough, but scholarships can help a lot. These awards can cover a big part or even the whole tuition cost. This makes top MBA programs more reachable. The Military MBA Merit Scholarship, Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University, and the National Black MBA Association scholarships are some of the best.

Many business schools also offer their own scholarships. These can be based on merit or need. By looking into these, students can get a big financial help. Applying to different scholarships can really cut down the cost of an MBA.

Scholarship Program Award Amount Eligibility Criteria
Military MBA Merit Scholarship Full tuition Active-duty military or veteran status
Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships Full tuition + $10,000 stipend Demonstrated financial need, leadership potential, and commitment to a career in finance
Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University Full tuition + living expenses Exceptional academic and leadership achievements, and a commitment to addressing global challenges
National Black MBA Association Scholarships Varies African American or Black students pursuing an MBA

Using these top MBA scholarships can really help with the cost of school. Whether it’s national or school-specific scholarships, there are many chances for MBA students to get funding. This makes reaching their goals easier.

«Scholarships can be a game-changer in making top MBA programs more accessible. By carefully researching and applying for a variety of opportunities, students can significantly reduce the cost of their graduate business education.»

More Tips for MBA Scholarship Seekers

MBA scholarship application requirements

Application Requirements and Deadlines

When you’re looking for MBA scholarships, make sure to check the specific needs and deadlines for each one. Some, like the Fulbright program, need to be applied for early, before you even apply to business school. Others might ask for extra essays or steps after the main application.

According to Scholarships 360, a top site for student financial aid, many top MBA scholarships have strict deadlines. For example, the Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships have an early fall deadline. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University have a deadline in early October.

GoGrad, an online guide for graduate studies, stresses the need to carefully read each scholarship’s requirements. «Many MBA scholarships have special criteria, like essays, letters of recommendation, or interviews,» they say. «Understanding and meeting these requirements can greatly improve your chances of getting funding.»

When writing essays for MBA scholarships, highlight your leadership skills, academic success, and dedication to your field. The Fulbright Scholarship focuses on your study or research project and its possible impact.

Stay organized, meet deadlines, and customize your application for each scholarship. This way, you’ll increase your chances of getting the MBA funding you need for your goals.

The Rising Cost of MBA Programs

MBA program costs

Getting an MBA degree is getting more expensive. Reports show that the cost of MBA programs at top schools is rising. This is a big worry for students and their families.

Tuition Increases at Top Business Schools

A study by Poets&Quants found that MBA program costs are going up. Now, 19 of the top 27 U.S. business schools cost $200,000 or more for two years. This includes tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Last year, only 15 schools hit this mark. The average cost for the top 25 U.S. MBA programs is going up fast. Tuition is rising faster than inflation, making it hard for students to pay without help.

«The rising cost of MBA programs has made it increasingly difficult for many students to afford the top business schools without significant financial aid or scholarships.»

The high cost of MBA education is stopping many from reaching their business dreams. Universities and leaders need to find ways to make business education cheaper and more accessible.

MBA Scholarship Availability at Leading Schools

Getting an MBA can be expensive, but scholarships and financial aid can help. Top schools like Wharton, Emory Goizueta, and University of Notre Dame Mendoza offer scholarships to help students pay for their education.

Examples from Top US MBA Programs

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is known for its many scholarships. Students can apply for the Wharton Dean’s Scholarship, the Wharton Leadership Scholarship, and the Wharton Diversity Scholarship, among others.

At Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, there are scholarships like the Goizueta Merit Scholarship, the Goizueta Diversity Scholarship, and the Goizueta International Student Scholarship. These scholarships help attract top students to the school.

The University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business also offers scholarships. Students can apply for the Mendoza Merit Scholarship, the Mendoza Diversity Scholarship, and the Mendoza International Student Scholarship. These scholarships make the MBA program more affordable for qualified students.

MBA Program Scholarship Opportunities
Wharton School Wharton Dean’s Scholarship, Wharton Leadership Scholarship, Wharton Diversity Scholarship
Emory Goizueta Business School Goizueta Merit Scholarship, Goizueta Diversity Scholarship, Goizueta International Student Scholarship
University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business Mendoza Merit Scholarship, Mendoza Diversity Scholarship, Mendoza International Student Scholarship

These are just a few examples of the MBA scholarship options at top US MBA programs. Prospective students should look into the financial aid options at their chosen schools. This can help them get the funding they need for their MBA education.

International MBA Scholarship Options

European business school scholarships

While we’ve mainly talked about MBA scholarships in the U.S., there are big opportunities at European business schools too. These scholarships help international students get a top-notch MBA degree at places like HEC Paris, INSEAD, London Business School, IE Business School, and IESE.

European Business School Scholarships

European business schools know they need to attract students from all over the world. So, they offer many international MBA scholarship options. These can cover a lot of tuition costs, making it easier for students to attend these famous schools.

  • The HEC Paris MBA Scholarship has different scholarships, like the HEC Paris Excellence Scholarship and the HEC Paris Diversity Scholarship. They help students from different backgrounds who are really talented.
  • INSEAD has many MBA scholarship opportunities. There’s the INSEAD Scholarships for Emerging Markets and the INSEAD Women Entrepreneurship Scholarship for certain groups.
  • The London Business School gives out LBS MBA Scholarships. These go to students who are very good at what they do, show great leadership, and come from diverse backgrounds.
  • IE Business School in Spain has the IE Scholarship program. It has scholarships based on how well you do and if you need help financially.
  • Similarly, IESE Business School in Spain offers many MBA scholarship options. This includes the IESE Global Scholarship and the IESE Women Scholarship, among others.

These are just a few examples of European business school scholarships for international MBA students. If you’re looking at these schools, make sure to check out their scholarship options well. This can really help you get the money you need.

Business School Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria Award Amount
HEC Paris HEC Paris Excellence Scholarship Exceptional academic and professional achievements Up to 50% of tuition fees
INSEAD INSEAD Scholarships for Emerging Markets Applicants from developing countries Up to 100% of tuition fees
London Business School LBS MBA Scholarships Academic excellence, leadership potential, and diverse backgrounds Varies
IE Business School IE Scholarship program Merit-based and need-based criteria Varies
IESE Business School IESE Global Scholarship Academic excellence and leadership potential Up to 50% of tuition fees

«Securing an international MBA scholarship can significantly alleviate the financial burden of pursuing a prestigious business education in Europe.»

Looking into the European business school scholarship options can really help international students get the funding they need. This can make their dreams of getting a top business education come true.

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Getting an MBA can change your life, but the cost can be scary. Luckily, there are many top MBA scholarship programs, MBA scholarships, and business school scholarships to help. These can make paying for your MBA easier.

There are big scholarships like the Military MBA Merit Scholarship and the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program. Also, many colleges offer their own scholarships. So, there are lots of ways to get help with your business school costs.

When looking for scholarships, make sure to do your homework. Always check the deadlines and use your special skills or experiences to your advantage. With hard work and effort, you can get a great MBA without a huge student loan.

The secret to getting an MBA is finding and using the many MBA scholarship options out there. This way, you can start your business school journey without worrying about money. You can focus on growing personally and professionally.


Q: What are some of the top MBA scholarship programs available in the US?

A: There are several MBA scholarship programs available in the US for aspiring students. Some popular ones include scholarships offered by Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, and London Business School.

Q: How can MBA students find scholarships specifically for their field of study?

A: MBA students can find scholarships for their field of study by researching online, checking with their school’s financial aid office, and exploring scholarship databases tailored to business students.

Q: Are there scholarships available specifically for full-time MBA students?

A: Yes, there are scholarships that are designed specifically for full-time MBA students pursuing their graduate degree in business administration.

Q: What criteria do MBA scholarship programs typically look for in applicants?

A: MBA scholarship programs typically look for academic excellence, leadership potential, financial need, and a strong commitment to pursuing a career in the business world.

Q: How can MBA students increase their chances of being awarded a scholarship?

A: MBA students can increase their chances of being awarded a scholarship by maintaining a high GPA, actively participating in extracurricular activities, and submitting a compelling scholarship application that highlights their achievements and aspirations.

Q: Are there scholarships available specifically for online MBA programs?

A: Yes, there are scholarships available for online MBA programs, although the availability and criteria may vary depending on the school and program.

Q: Can MBA scholarships help cover the cost of tuition for graduate degree programs?

A: Yes, MBA scholarships can help cover the cost of tuition for graduate degree programs, providing financial support to students pursuing a master’s in business administration.

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